Curious people have a lot of questions, and below you will find lots of answers! I decided to compile some of the awesomest basic resources (101s) out there on the internet about -isms and social justice so that you can find most of what you need in one easy post. So here are some resources about important topics like feminism 101, anti-racism 101, ableism 101, and so much much more! It’s my own 101 101.


What is Womanism? Posted by Trula Breckenridge

Definition of the word “Womanism” from A Feminist Theory Dictionary

Finally, A Feminism 101 Blog

Shakesville’s Feminism 101 page

12 Helpful Suggestions for Men Regarding Conduct in Feminist Spaces by Kettetastic

The Male Privilege Checklist by Barry Deutsch


Talking About Race

Resist Racism’s Racism 101

Alas, a blog, on How Not to Be Insane When Accused of Racism

White people need to acknowledge benefits of unearned privilege by Robert Jensen




Ableism, Accessibility and Inclusion by Heather De Mian

A guide to ableist language by If I Can’t Dance Is It Still My Revolution?

Some info about Ableism by Greg Wolbring


Size Acceptance 101 on Case Gordita

But Don’t You Realize Fat Is Unhealthy? on Shapely Prose

Size Acceptance 101 on Shamless


A resource from Questioning Transphobia: How to Check Your Cis Privilege

Trans 101 on T-Vox

Trans 101 from the Sylvia Rivera Law Project

Genderqueer 101 at Queers United

The Bilerico Project’s Homosexuality 101

Heteronormitivity 101


Intersectionality 101 on Illvox

How to Fuck Up by Teh Portly Dyke

How Not to Be An Asshole: A Guide for Men by Chris Clarke

SPACE How to be an ally while in someone else’s space. By The Czech.

A List of Privilege Lists on Alas, a Blog


Schrödinger’s Rapist: or a guy’s guide to approaching strange women without being maced by Phaedra Starling

Sexual Assault Prevention Tips Guaranteed to Work! by No, Not You

Only Rapists Can Prevent Rape from Dr. Diana

Please add all those I missed (there must surely be many) in the comments!

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