Post-Racial. Replaces “Equal-Opportunity Offender” as My New Least Favorite Phrase.

America has completed its evolution into a racial meritocracy.

-Phillip Morris, Cleveland Plains Dealer

We’re done folks! Laura Hollis at says “racism is dead”! We can now safely blame people of color for health, education, incarceration and wage disparities that exist between POC and whites. And, between you and me, what a relief! I HATE feeling guilty!

The following major news sources have used the term “post-racial” or something similar following Obama’s successful presidential race.

The New Republic


LA Times

Washington Post

New York Times

And check out this video!

Read some great criticism about the MSM’s obsession with prematurely inaugurating an imaginary “post-racial society”.


Pam’s House Blend

Womanist Musings

I keep hearing a certain subset of white people harp on this post-racial meme. They seem less interested in ascertaining that POC are truly no longer persecuted, and mostly concerned with washing their hands of ever having to confront their white privilege again. They see an easy way out and they are taking it! Smooth. Well, their racist panties are showing above their colorblind trousers. Some whites can’t think of anything positive in Obama’s election besides gaining ammunition to tell POC never to complain about racial discrimination again. From here on out, it’s their own fault!

Thank the lord so many bloggers are cutting through the bullshit and letting the light shine in on these worms.

(c) idyllicmollusk 11/17/08


5 thoughts on “Post-Racial. Replaces “Equal-Opportunity Offender” as My New Least Favorite Phrase.

  1. Forgive me if I don’t get too upset by this. ;) I knew and told people that this would be the result of an Affirmative Active Presidency. Electing a Black who didn’t present a Black persona was just too easy of a means of playing “Pontius Pilat” for the White Progressives.

    Well, a number of them have “wiped their hands” of the racial problem now. Enjoy your President. :)

  2. Though I, like many Americans, was impressed that one “POC” was elected for the highest office in the land, I can’t forget about the millions behind bars and the fatherless communities.

    That being said, racism is all about perception. One person perceives another’s character based on an outside appearance.

    It is presumptuous to assume that this presidency puts us in a ‘post-racial’ period. But, it is also presumptuous to assume that it will not put us in a post-racial period (or to avoid the charged term, a new period of amazing change).

    Just like people can easily imagine that racial relations continue as they were, except with one POC in power (not very imaginative, IMO), can this not be the beginning of a larger snowball effect that drastically changes race relations in America? There are programs on all levels of society that have been working towards this goal. What if this presidency helps to accelerate their effectiveness and people’s willingness to participate in them?

    If we learned one actual thing in this election, it is that being a POC didn’t stop someone from winning by a landslide.

  3. Obama didn’t win by a landslide of the POPULAR vote, which is what is important from the perspective of this supposed “post-racialism.” He won 53% to 46% which was a difference of approximately 8,538,000 votes out of a national population of 305,000,000.

    His election as POTUS is definitely an indicator of some sort of change in the views of race in America, but it is still unclear what sort of change it is an indicator of.

    In any event, it is merely an indicator and does not signify that any fundamental goal has been achieved.

  4. You see horrible murders that receive the qualification of “Hate Crimes”, even after the election of Obama. Just read the press.

    Those “Hate Crime Murders” are increasing at a fast pace. Also murders of Gays, Lesbians, Transgender, etc…. by the dozens.

    Kickings, beatings and stabbings every day.

    To believe that racism and hate are decreasing is contrary to facts and to events that appear everyday in many newspapers.

    And wars always imply an element of Racism and Hate. There are no “clean wars” or “neutral wars”, disinfected or sterilized of Racism and Hate.

    Vicente Duque

  5. It’s almost like the haters are so enraged that Obama won that they feel it necessary to go on rampages of identity-based killing. Just to let POC and LGBTs know that we still won’t be safe.

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