2 thoughts on “Průkopnící českého feminismu

  1. Dear author of “The Czech”, the link to “Czech Feminist Trailblazers” seems to be broken; I get a “404 Not Found” error. Do you know of any place where to access the content, an archive or the like? Background: A Polish friend of mine asked me if I could find out anything about a German book that mentions the legendary first female student in Poland named Nawojka (presumably beginning of 15th century). The Wikipedia entry refers to “Czech Feminist Trailblazers” for additional information. — Thank you and best regards from Konstanz (Germany; a place that played a very sad role in Czech history when Jan Hus was accused and sentenced to death during the “Council of Constance” 600 years ago , about the time when the legendary Nawojka is said to have dressed as a boy in order to enroll at Krakow University),
    Gottfried Barthel, Konstanz.

    P.S.: Even if you cannot help me, a brief acknowledgement of receipt would be much appreciated!

  2. Hello Mr. Barthel,

    Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately I don’t have an alternative site in mind. I found the website at the broken link 8 years ago and I don’t even remember exactly what was on it anymore! Sorry I can’t help. Happy information hunting!

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