Men’s Rights Activists Attack Domestic Violence Shelter

Dallas, you’ve done it again.

I just read about this load of crap today, and it moved me to tears. A bunch of men’s rights activists (MRAs) are attacking the funding and advertising of Dallas domestic violence shelter The Family Place. Why? Because The Family Place placed ads in Dallas’ public transportation system that suggested some men perpetrate domestic violence.

For those new to the MRA phenomena, this is a movement of anti-feminist men who claim to support father’s rights and men’s rights in general. However, seeing as how The Family Place provides services to male children and adult men who are victims of DV, it is pretty clear that they are more concerned with preserving male privilege in society than with helping men in need. MRAs have set up a total of zero shelters for male victims of DV.

They have even gone so far as to call the shelter’s donors and ask them to stop contributing money. They have not gone so far as to raise money to buy ads that raise awareness of male victims of violence. Interesting. Attacking resources for women, ignoring the plight of needy men. Nice.

Here are the links to find out all you need to know about this horrible story. You can donate to The Family Place on their website or through Alas, a blog, which is matching donations made this week.

3-Part Series on Alas:
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The Family Place To MRAs: “Instead of bashing women’s organizations, stand up and help somebody yourself.”

The post at Womanist Musings

Story in the Dallas News

The Family Place website

I would like to add a personal note to the men in my life, and the men out in cyberspace reading this. If you become an activist to help male victims of violence, male victims of child abuse, incarcerated men, men who want to be better fathers, I SUPPORT YOU. Let me know what I can do to help you. Do not expect women to lead the fight for men’s issues, just as men haven’t, nor are expected to, lead the fight for women’s issues. But if you do take up that battle, I am here to support you.

I do not support the MRAs, however.

8 thoughts on “Men’s Rights Activists Attack Domestic Violence Shelter


    Each time I think I can’t be more ashamed than my adopted city some shit like this happens. I started reading the comments on the DMN article, but it is far too depressing.

    As a male in Dallas, TX I will express my support for the Family Place in any way I can.

    Curious – do you know where the aforementioned commenters pull the statistic that men suffer as much domestic abuse as women? This strikes me as absurd on the face of it; it flies against all other facts and anecdotes I have come across, but they throw it out as the Bible Truth.

    Thanks for making me aware of this travesty!

  2. The MRAs use whichever statistics put men in the most favorable light, no matter how dubious or debunked. For example, they also state that 40-90% of rape accusations (made by women, that is) are false. Glenn Sacks himself has written that a large percent of rape accusations (made by women) are lies. I wonder what statistics they cite for rape accusations made by men?

    According to the American Bar Association:

    According to the U.S. Department of Justice, between 1998 and 2002 84% of spouse abuse victims were females, and 86% of victims of dating partner abuse at were female.

    According to the American Institute on Domestic Violence:

    85-95% of all domestic violence victims are female.

    So, if you find the ABA, DOJ or AIDV to be credible, you can see that Mr. Sacks was making shit up. Again.

  3. If you become an activist to help male victims of violence, male victims of child abuse, incarcerated men, men who want to be better fathers, I SUPPORT YOU. Let me know what I can do to help you… I do not support the MRAs, however.

    If you do not think male victims deserve the same recognition as women and that they should not be ignored or dismissed when they speak about sexism in the support community, then you do not support male victims. Glenn Sacks questioned misleading information (in this case an ad campaign that rendered male victims invisible and portrayed all abusers as male, specifically fathers) and that is generally what most the prominent men’s rights advocates do. So if you do not support those efforts, you do not support male victims.

    Speaking as a male victim, I think I have earned the right to be treated and regarded like everyone else, so if your–or any feminist’s– support comes with conditions and compromises, thanks, but I will pass. I do not expect you to fight my battles for me nor do I expect you to support any of the causes important to me. However, if you are interested in supporting male victims, you are welcome to donate to any of these organizations or the ones listed under “Male Abuse Resources.”

  4. @TS:

    Thank you for your perspective on this emotional topic.

    As a victim seeking services, justice, and healing, I support you, and any male victim of abuse, 100%

    As an activist working to create systematic change so that male victims get the services they need, I support you or any other activist based on the condition that women and female victims of abuse are not categorically demeaned in order to elevate the status of men. I.e. if your goal is true equality and justice to all victims, I am with you. If your goal is to get a dig in at ‘feminists’ or to lessen the services available to female victims (if I can’t have it, no one can!), then I am not with you.

    What I found shocking about this article is that Sacks & the people he found to help him did not meet with the staff of this DV org to discuss their concerns and help them broaden their message or services to be more man-inclusive. Instead, they attacked their funding and supporters, i.e. worked to hurt the ability of the organization to assist anyone at all. No one with a true commitment to justice would try to actively reduce the amount of services to victims, for any reason.

  5. Actually to get the whole impression of the ads, the second line needs to be read as well. If there was just the large print in this ad, then I could unequivocally state that the ads were biased against men. However, the second line qualifies the first by stating that chidlren who witness dv (and also not specifying who is the perp) generally grow up to either be abused or abuse. And common sense and logic dictate that since most men are larger and stronger than women, it stands to reason that a young boy will grow up and abuse. The logic behind this is simply a young boy who watches his father abuse his mother will think this is how marriage is supposed to be. If his mother is abusive, he will say subconsciously to himself that he will not be abused by his wife. Not all will work out in this fashion, you will have some children witnesses of maternal inflicted dv who do indeed grow up to be abused, but these ads simply did not say that. They said usually or generally children who witness dv end up one of two ways. And this is fact.

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