Here’s the words of blogger TransGriot, aka Monica Roberts:

When I hear or see that ‘Gay is the New Black’ slogan, it just irks me, especially considering what I’ve observed over the last decade as a African-American transgender activist.

When we hear people say that, I and other African-Americans, both GLBT and non GLBT, see a movement comprised predominately with a leadership of white moneyed gay men who wish to compare themselves to the Civil Rights Movement but consistently ignore or fail to apply the fundamental lessons of that movement.

Via Feministing.


2 thoughts on “OFFENSIVE

  1. From what we’ve heard, the actual article in The Advocate wasn’t making the ‘gay is the new black’ argument at all, so the author might be just as annoyed as anyone else about the way they chose to sell it on the cover.

  2. I admit I have not read the article, but I agree that the cover is extremely offensive! Who thought that was ok?!

    Not only does it imply that issues surrounding the black community are done and over with, but it also implies a sense of ‘trendiness’ (since the phrase is typically used to refer to something that is now in fashion whereas something else is old hat).

    If anyone reads the article, I would be curious to know what your thoughts were about it!

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