Babies: Endangered Animals Pt.4

I swear, this is my final installment in this series!

I wanted to do a last post on Demographic Winter about the online coverage of the documentary. While mainstream media largely ignored DW, smaller media sources with partisan bents did pick up on this film.

A noticeable gap in coverage is that the International Movie Database, the most comprehensive online film database available, contains no entry for Demographic Winter.

Here are some snippets from sites online that wrote about DW:

The Nation: Missing: The ‘Right’ Babies

The real root of racial tensions in the Netherlands and France, America’s culture warriors tell anxious Europeans, isn’t ineffective methods of assimilating new citizens but, rather, decades of “antifamily” permissiveness–contraception, abortion, divorce, population control, women’s liberation and careers, “selfish” secularism and gay rights–enabling “decadent” white couples to neglect their reproductive duties. Defying the biblical command to “be fruitful and multiply,” Europeans have failed to produce the magic number of 2.1 children per couple, the estimated “replacement-level fertility” for developed nations (and a figure repeated so frequently it becomes a near incantation). The white Christian West, in this telling, is in danger of forfeiting itself through sheer lack of numbers to an onslaught of Muslim immigrants and their purportedly numerous offspring.

…the (largely unacknowledged) rub with the profamily movement’s focus on procreation: it requires a world of women to dedicate their lives and wombs to demographic battle.

The Free Republic: “The Nation” Thinks Demographic Winter is a Pro-Natalist Conspiracy

Posted on Mon Feb 25 21:59:43 2008 by Tolerance Sucks Rocks

According to the author, under the leadership of the “extremist Kaczynski brothers,” Poland has “shifted to the far right, embracing a social conservatism that aggressively targets gays, Jews, women’s rights and foreigners.”

On my two visits to Poland, I saw no signs of anti-Semitism. For a feminist like Joyce, a nation that does not encourage partial-birth abortions in the ninth month and celebrate transgenderism in the public schools is a bulwark of bigotry.

We’re the racists, but they’re the ones flooding the Third World with contraceptives and pushing abortion, which, alas, do not depress the white birthrate.

Speaking of Nazis, Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger, their prophetess, considered non-Aryans “a great biological menace to the future of civilization.”

Ever wonder why blacks, who comprise 12% of the population, account for 32% of all abortions? (For Hispanics, the figures are 13% and 20%.) Might it have something to do with all of the abortion clinics conveniently located in inner-city neighborhoods?

In the face of this looming catastrophe, EU bureaucrats are engaged in a relentless campaign of promoting same-sex marriage. Ah that “gay friendly EU.” What is the fertility rate of homosexual couples, anyway?

Lifesite News: New Documentary Explores Global Demographic Crisis

“The years have not been kind to this most important institution…particularly the last four decades. Worldwide, families have broken down at a historically unprecedented pace. There are certainly records of how now extinct societies have experienced similar declines before their demise, for what we now face is unique in that it has a global spread. This has ominous portent.”


An article entitled The ‘Right’ Babies’ by Kathryn Joyce condemns the documentary Demographic Winter and attempts to silence all demographic truth tellers by labeling them racists and invoking the need for ever-more multiculturalism.

…Liberals seem to have no problem however engaging in scare-mongering with respect to the psuedo-science of global warming. They care more for the planet and the availability of their favorite contraception and means of abortion than they do for the survival of mankind.

Further, the liberal pursuit of utopian multi-cultural harmony only works in textbooks and in their own minds–and ironically would never occur between liberals and Islam. A culture that embraces sexual license, homosexuality, feminism and hedonism cannot co-exist with those who would violently suppress the same. Ms Joyce and those who share her relativistic views can pretend that that no culture or religion is any better than another, and that demographic shifts are irrelevant–but when an entirely new and very hostile culture emerges she and her failed utopian concepts will be silenced by the threat of the Islamic sword.

The secular left and Islam may share the same motivations–the demise of Western Civilization–but what they would each replace it with is where they depart company.

World Net Daily: The demographic cause of economic meltdown

“Demographic Winter: The Decline of the Human Family” is a well-produced, powerful warning about the dying population groups throughout much of the world and the dire consequences of that terrible trend.

In the movie, scientists and social scientists from Harvard, the University of Chicago, the New American Foundation and countries around the world discuss how and why populations are decreasing at an alarming rate. The reason why is a condemnation of today’s politically correct culture that replaces traditional Christian culture, including the Bible, with a left-wing, atheist ideology of social engineering, narcissistic hedonism, class warfare and racial politics that is itself racist and demeaning.

The scientists in this documentary are not people of faith. In fact, one scientist makes perfectly clear that he is single with an adopted child. But, their research shows that the sexual revolution, the advance of immorality, the socialist welfare systems and other factors associated with contemporary society are destroying the future of mankind.

Common Dreams: ‘Demographic Winter’ Is Just Overheated Rhetoric

Doing the rounds right now in conservative circles is the documentary Demographic Winter: Decline of the Human Family, an alarmist documentary that makes last year’s dark Children of Men look like a comedy.

Screened by right-wing think tanks and pro-life organizations, it argues that the only way to combat the disappearance of homo sapiens — as if we aren’t already killing ourselves by fouling our nest — is by bringing back “the intact married family,” eliminating extramarital sex and banning contraception.

It always comes down to confining women, doesn’t it?

The not-so-funny thing is, these people are constantly railing about how girls in less developed countries breed at a young age — which is, sadly, true — but complain about how women here wait too long, inviting fertility problems.

And so, the very thing they despise in other cultures is the exact same thing they would like to bring to ours — and then they have the nerve to accuse feminists of not standing up for women in Muslim countries.

So what we see here is this: conservative and hard-right Christian reviews emphasizing the academic and scientific credentials of the experts and ignoring the funders, and liberal reviews digging into the funders and makers of the film and being alarmed at what they find. No one says that fertility decline is not happening. But some people are using it as a chance to push an agenda promising very real benefits to white men, and very real negative effects for just about everyone else.

In this series:
Part 1 on my initial reactions to the documentary Demographic Winter
Part 2 digs deeper into the meaning of the film
Part 3 looks at who is in and behind the film
Part 4 examines partisan media coverage of DW


3 thoughts on “Babies: Endangered Animals Pt.4

  1. “Ever wonder why blacks, who comprise 12% of the population, account for 32% of all abortions? (For Hispanics, the figures are 13% and 20%.) Might it have something to do with all of the abortion clinics conveniently located in inner-city neighborhoods?”

    WHAT!? Goddamn, take a course in logic! (Or in African American history…)

  2. Right!? The racism does not lie in giving the same reproductive choices to whites and blacks. The racism is in the fact that such a huge percentage of black women don’t feel they are able to take care of a child. Hmm, I wonder if structural racism might have anything to do with the high rate of poverty among black women which in some cases makes it an impossible burden to have children.

    How could one conclude the way to ease racism against black women is to take away their reproductive options? That is shame-facedly using the plight of poor black women to push a completely unrelated religio-political agenda. GROSS.

  3. Nowhere Man and Mollusk, that was exactly the point I was going to address, too! Thanks for also picking up on that problematic comment.

    Does it not also make sense for abortion clinics to be in the more densely populated locations? Besides, such clinics usually (if I am wrong, please correct me!) provide many other reproductive and family planning services other than simply providing abortions.

    Just because someone has abortion clinics nearby does mean they will decide to have an abortion. As the two above pointed out, a lot more goes into that decision!

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