Obama Knows LGBTs Are with Him Because They Have No Choice

Obama pride

Barack Obama and his campaign are well aware that they are supported by the majority of LGBT people only because no better option exists. Obama has made it clear that he does not support equal rights for the LGBT community, and yet during the presidential campaign gay pride marches had a pro-Obama contingent, and Obama rallies have often been supported by an LGBT-contingent. There is even a special Obama Pride logo, as you can see above.

Because Obama is less discriminatory against gays than his recent rivals or than Bush, he and his people know that it is unlikely queers will stop supporting him any time soon. This leads to a situation where LGBT Obama supporters can be exploited, and Obama is not above taking advantage of this opportunity.

He already has. During his campaign he toured with the openly homophobic, ex-gay gospel singer Donnie McClurkin. McClurkin used the platform Obama gave him to preach his bigotry to crowds of African Americans who were fans of his music. LGBT Obama supporters were outraged, but it didn’t matter. The Obama campaign knew they wouldn’t switch over to McCain.

Now he’s doing it again. In a second slap to the LGBT community, to let them know their place, he has chosen openly homophobic evangelical preacher Rick Warren to deliver the invocation at his inauguration.

I understand being inclusive of the evangelical community. It’s important to be just as inclusive of them as it is for the LGBT community. I get that he is trying to be bi-partisan, to signal to Christian fundies that they will not be left out in the cold. All that is great.

But choosing someone who publicly advocates limiting the rights of an entire demographic of the American people? That is an insult I won’t soon forget.

Some neat information about Mr. Warren is up at Box Turtle Bulletin.


5 thoughts on “Obama Knows LGBTs Are with Him Because They Have No Choice

  1. I admit I have not been sure how to feel about Obama when it comes to LGBTQ? issues. I certainly cringed at Biden’s comments during the VP debate, but I should educate myself more about Obama’s stance…

    It seems to me that we use symbols to convey messages in our everyday lives as well as during special events. Picking individuals who have made it known that they are homophobic to help usher you into your new role as president seems to send a clear message to me. One that indicates a lack of true concern for and interest in the LGBTQ? community.

    I am not saying I wish to exclude the evangelical community. I just wish that both groups could be included (as mollusk stated). Certainly there are members of the evangelical community that are not homophobic that could have participated in ushering in Obama?

  2. That’s what I’m saying. It would be equally bad to have a prominent gay minister who has actively worked to take rights away from evangelicals do the invocation. There are members of both communities who aren’t public haters of the other. Obama knows this and chose a hater. Not okay.

  3. While I’m inclined to agree with you, I would like to take a minute to spray some gray on the black/white situation you have set up. Before I do I want to say that for me, Prop 8 was the one black eye on the whole year, and I’m heartbroken and outraged. Both for my friends who are being persecuted for someone else’s outmoded belief system, and for my family and friends who are part of that harmful belief structure. Those of you who know who I am know this, but I want to be clear before I engage in a little devil’s advocacy (pro bono, of course)

    This is not new. Clinton took gays for granted as well. An argument could be made that politicians typically ignore their base after the election’s done. After so many years in power, the Christian Right’s main objective (outlaw abortion) still isn’t met, and it looks to be slipping out of their grasp. If it had passed, Repubs would have lost the carrot to lead Evangelicals along by.
    In Obama’s case I think he’s neglecting the LGBT community, as you say, because he can and still win their votes. He’s doing the same to Environmentalists like me, who voted for him despite stinky sops to “clean coal” and “safe nuclear power” (two mythic beasts that are about as scientifically sound as a Chupacabra.)
    I don’t think he’s doing this because he hates gays or the Environment, he is just being politically crafty. I don’t think he’s trying to “let them know their place,” as much as he is trying to reassure oppossing parties that he is not the anti-christ he says he is.
    It may be cold comfort, but in affirming his decision to have Warren speak, Obama did say he is solidly for LGBT equal rights, and that he disagrees with Warren on this issue.
    NO PRESIDENT has ever said anything like that! HOO-Fucking-Ray!!

    I understand that Warren is a difficult figure, but he is also not a pure hate-monger in the cutout of Focus on the Family’s James Dobson. However, he has standing in that community, and to people like my family his more moderated and tolerant views could actually be heard and accepted. Before Evangelicals are ever going to accept gay marriage, they have to just accept gays as people. Not currently the case, and while Warren ain’t perfect, he is not preaching hate (as far as I know, and yes I’ve read some of his more outlandish commentary, but have u ever Seen the freakin 700 Club??)

    Finally, an interesting bit of perspective from Melissa Etheridge’s wife, on said wife’s upcoming performance at the Inauguration with Warren:

    “An excerpt from Tammy Lynn Michaels’ post, which I’ve left un-edited:

    so honey met rick warren last night. well, she spoke to him on the phone beforehand, giving us insight into the man the media has made our latest “HE HATES YOU!” target. if i sit real still and think about it.. it’s almost like reverse smear-the-queer… at times, it seems that the media presents us with target after target to smear, as if to say to us, “THIS IS THE GUY HOLDING YOU BACK!! GO GIT ‘IM!!!” and it does seem that my lovely gay family is so bruised and bettered and ready to fight back (myself included), that we attack and deem someone ANTI-GAY, and ready to SMEAR, simply when they don’t want the word “marriage” brought into our gay ceremonies. now, if the person doesn’t want gays AT ALL, then i’m gonna chase that one down. but, i’m starting to think that there are indeed some people… some well-meaning and loving people… who are not at all ANTI-GAY, that’s not why they don’t want the word marriage used… they are merely RELIGIOUS. and for religious (archaic) reasons, they want to stay safe and respectful to WHAT THEY’VE BEEN TAUGHT.

    let me try to differentiate the two.

    let’s say i am wearing a baseball cap. now what if i want to call it a yamaka? you know- it’s basically the same thing, but one is missing the sun visor. i don’t call my caps yamakas… cuz that is a religious name for a hat that is worn by religious people. now if i apply that thinking to this situation…. i would like to think of it as…. if they afford us the EXACT SAME RIGHTS, then who cares what it’s called? … joel and hanna can have a piece of paper with the word MARRIAGE on it, and all 1200 rights… and i can have a piece of paper with who-cares on it, and all 1200 rights. the word marriage is a religious, holy, word that people who go to church on sundays are told belongs to them. like yamaka, menorah, or matzo.

    rick is not a televangelist. rick is not falwell. rick spoke of some “stupid” things he’s said (his word, not mine), some missquotes that were given, and lots of ammunition from the media. all excellent points. (we’re all war-minded right now, you know. it’s easy for the media to distract us by throwing us into our own verbal wars here at home.) ) what to do, what to do…. the rest of the public is given an animation of rick warren… and then my wife meets the man behind the projections, the quotes, the “OTHER SIDE”. and he is warm, caring, effusive, and LOVES gays. since he nearly swallowed honey when he hugged her, i tend to believe him. he wants our gay marriages to be just as respected and embraced as the straight marriages. he just wants to wear his yamaka, and me wear my hat.”

    C/O Salon: http://www.salon.com/politics/war_room/

    I hate to defend what we both know to be bigotry, but progress on these things is a slow slow train, and I don’t think it’s time to light the white house on fire yet.

  4. I’m shocked that you included a quote saying that gays should be pleased with “separate but “equal”.”

    “I don’t think he’s doing this because he hates gays or the Environment, he is just being politically crafty.”

    You know, I considered discussing at length why I and other LGBT people are human beings who deserve equal rights. NOW.

    I considered explaining in patient terms that someone who doesn’t allow gays to enter his church and who compares our relationships to child rape, compares us to child molesters, who actively campaigned to enshrine homophobic bigotry in the CA constitution is not “moderated and tolerant”.

    But I will punch the nearest piece of furniture the next time I am asked to explain why I deserve equal rights.

    I deserve equal rights. Period.

    Barack would never put a known anti-semite up on stage to do the invocation, because that would be too insulting to Jews and there would be a major backlash. Apparently, we LGBT people are just supposed to ‘know our place’ and keep a low profile so as not ruin these wonderful liberal politician’s careers, fearing that if we ask for our rights too loudly, we will be told it’s our fault every time some religious-right nut gets elected. Some liberal politics go counter to my fight for my rights. Too bad. Human rights first.

  5. “You know, I considered discussing at length why I and other LGBT people are human beings who deserve equal rights. NOW.”

    I hear lines such as “but things are gradually moving forward” and “change takes time” and the like quite frequently. I agree that change will not instantly happen, but I don’t like feeling that I am supposed to be content knowing that people will get to me and/or my friends eventually (when is that?), I just need to be patient. Remarks such as those seem like they are supposed to pacify people. It is easy for those who already have the rights in question to tell those who do not have them that things can’t change overnight. No big loss to them! If they did not have those rights, I doubt they would sit back comfortably and be quiet.

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