Fuck You Too, Liberals

Know Your Place

“Conservatism” in America’s politics means “Let’s keep the n*ggers in their place.” And “liberalism” means “Let’s keep the knee-grows in their place — but tell them we’ll treat them a little better; let’s fool them more, with more promises… the American black man only needed to choose which one to be eaten by, the “liberal” fox or the “conservative” wolf…
…in a wolf’s den, I’d always know exactly where I stood…

-Malcolm X

Fuck all ya’ll who stand ready to sell out someone’s human rights for the political expediency of your liberal goals. Fuck your carefully crafted non-bigot credentials that mean you are not to be criticized for bigoted actions. Your “but I’m a liberal” shield of immunity.

Your pragmatism means that we should sit quietly until you let us know when it is okay to be us again, now that more important parts of the agenda are out of the way.

Anyone else getting tired of liberals for whom the term means politely keeping the structures of oppression in place? (But one day real soon, we promise, you’ll get your turn to be equal. Trust us and wait quietly. Don’t cause a SCENE!)

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