Season’s Greetings from Fred Phelps!

Fred Phelp's Christmas Message

If that wasn’t enough, how about the Phelps clan caroling?

Learn more about the religion kerfuffle going down at the Washington State capitol because the WA government decided to allow religious decoration on government property.  You can’t make this stuff up!  I have an idea, how about not using government grounds to promote religion?

If you are unfamiliar with the Phelps clan and their fabulously kooky adventures, Wikipedia can educate you about Fred, the founder, and their HQ, Westboro Baptist Church. “The church at Westboro which he leads has 71 confirmed members, 60 of whom are related to Phelps through blood or marriage or both.” The Phelps people have their own website, but I do not link to sites of that nature.

Image h/t: Mom’s Tinfoil Hat


3 thoughts on “Season’s Greetings from Fred Phelps!

  1. Thanks for the link.

    Happy holidays! *ahem* I mean that with no malice, insinuation, “pointed tone” or rolling of eyes.

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