Chicken Changes Sex

Trans Chicken

Well, so I’m a little late on this one, but I was just over at Queers United and I came across this fabulous story: Transgender Chicken Has Transitioned.

A hen has changed into a cockerel over the course of a two-year sex-swap process.

Georgina the hen is thought to have damaged an ovary, causing her testosterone levels to soar and effectively transforming the organ into a testicle.

The one-in-10,000 switch has seen the animal develop a cockscomb on its head and its voice break – allowing it to crow each morning.

“Georgina was always a big girl and she was surrounded by other hens for two years before she decided to take on the role of cockerel,” said Jane Haworth from the Battery Hen Welfare Trust headquarters in Chulmleigh, North Devon.

“It took around two years but George has a cockscomb and seems a lot happier than she was. I think he looks amazing.

“He always had slightly hairy legs which was a bit of a giveaway. He doesn’t lay eggs anymore and crows every morning – it’s quite a turnaround.”

Originally from Digital Spy.


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