Blackwell Against Stimulus Plan That Creates Jobs

Partisan hack Ken Blackwell has come out on Townhall against a stimulus plan that would create 600,000 jobs for Americans. Why? Because in a Democratic administration, people would feel thankful to Democrats for creating jobs, and therefore be more likely to vote for them later. And that’s not fair to Republicans. Really.

Of course, Mr. Blackwell is a senior fellow at the Family Research Council, so you can safely bet that anything coming out of his mouth is nothing but ideological parroting. I don’t know what it takes to become a senior fellow at the FRC, but I’m sure you’ve gotta show some serious disrespect for personal liberty and the value of equality to even be let in the door.

Mr. Blackwell’s article isn’t all nonsense, however. He makes legitimate, though predictably ideological, warnings about spending too much tax money, needlessly extending the bureaucracy to create more government jobs, etc. But it is rather unseemly, in a time of high unemployment and economic downturn, to whine that it’s not fair Democrats are creating all the jobs. Hey, your buddy Bush had eight years to create jobs, but didn’t get around to it. So if people are pissed and want change… well, they just might get it.

It’s good to know that certain conservatives will stick to their ideology so blindly that they will do so even to the detriment of the needs of the people. Oops, by good I mean mind-blowingly elitist.

I’m reminded of Eduardo Bonilla-Silva’s definition of ideology: “Meaning in the service of power.”

But back to Blackwell:

Government doesn’t create value; it takes it from us as taxes. While a government job involves work and earns a paycheck, every government job is a burden on the private sector because it takes money away from the people.

Interesting opinion coming from a former employee of the government (Ohio Secretary of State… oh yeah, he was that guy). I guess while he is good enough for a government paycheck, us little people are not. But he does get prole points for pretending to care about “the people.”

BTW, who knew the government doesn’t create value? I guess it would be easier on businesses if we didn’t have paved roads, street lights, trash service, utilities, police protection, property rights, a legal system and public education to prepare youth for the job market. Personally, to protest unfair government intrusion into my private life, I refuse to follow traffic lights and signs, because those were created as a big government liberal conspiracy to control my thoughts and how I conduct my economic activities. I also pledge to drive without a license or insurance, as those too are intrusions on my right to do whatever the fuck I want and yet somehow never pay taxes. And to burn down my neighborhood library, which is a pinko testament to the excesses of wasteful government. Why do the masses need to be literate, anyway?


2 thoughts on “Blackwell Against Stimulus Plan That Creates Jobs

  1. A superb last paragraph; that’s basically my standard response to anyone complaining about their taxes these days, very well said!

  2. Why thank you. :) I know it’s been said before, but why, if you HATE the government SO MUCH, do these people become career politicians? To end government? To destroy it?

    I understand the desire to keep Big Brother from unnecessary and overbearing intrusions into private, social and economic life. I get that. But free-market capitalism does not take care of everyone’s needs. It will not pave the roads in poor neighborhoods. It will not construct free libraries. It will not ensure fair competition. It will not build free public schools for the disadvantaged. It will not leave space in cities for parks.

    These anti-gov people know this, because most of them have studied economics. So what is their motivation for continuing to rail against government?

    My best guess is that they want to maintain the appearance of sticking to a strict fiscal conservative ideology in order to get votes and stay elected. It is simply a means to an end: power. One of many, but one that particularly annoys me.

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