Inauguration Day Leaves Town Hall Petulant

Can someone tell me what this means?

Star Parker, writing for the extremely sullen Townhall at inauguration time:

…[F]ew seem to appreciate that moral problems lie at the root of our faltering economy.

Sanctity of life and sanctity of property are cut from the same cloth of eternal law.

In the view of many, including me, it’s this law that defines our free country.

Our new president, who sanctions both abortion and massive government intrusion into our economic lives, sees things very differently.

What does this mean? Anyone? What is this cloth of the eternal law? I get the feeling this is some coded reference to an ideal Theocratic States of America that exists in Parker’s head. What evidence do we have that Parker’s mystical (invisible?) eternal law is the true law of of this country? ‘Cause I got plenty of evidence that the true laws of this country are in the Constitution and written in our federal and state codes.

And what the hell is the equation between “sanctity of life” and “sanctity of property”? Is my record collection worth lives? How many, one per record? Why are fetuses involved in this petulant tantrum?

Perhaps I could cut an eternal dress from the eternal cloth, which probably has a print pattern of fetuses and private jets. Then I would wear it in honor of every time Big Government intrudes on my life with abuses of my freedom like product safety standards and refusing to allow people to deny me jobs based on my race, religion or sexuality.

Do conservatives really think that fetuses and personal property like cars and golf clubs are similarly valuable, and similarly under attack by Obama? Somehow, I doubt “many” actually subscribe to Parker’s worldview. But it is fun to speculate. However, is it not true that for some, conservatism is about returning to tradition, i.e. resisting change? I guess that makes it a hard pill to swallow indeed, to be conservative upon inauguration of a president who ran on “change.”


3 thoughts on “Inauguration Day Leaves Town Hall Petulant

  1. I think it’s really funny that he’s upset about “massive government intrusion into our economic lives”. But has nothing against a massive government intrusion into our healthcare decisions, including reproductive rights. Um, hello hypocrites.

    I think we should make fetuses a new form of currency in the U.S.

  2. Good point. BTW, Star Parker is female.

    But yes, apparently government is only burdensome and intrusive when it is creating programs to serve the poor or regulating commerce. But the intrusion is mysteriously welcome when it comes to interfering with women’s reproductive choices.

    Yes, since fetuses are more valuable than gold and (women’s) lives, I think we should have a fetus-based currency. That would solve this economic crisis in an instant!

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