Media Coverage of Repeal of Global Gag Rule Is Messed Up

Some major media sources pretty much either 1) flubbed their coverage of Obama’s repeal of the Global Gag Rule or 2) buy conservative misrepresentations of what the Global Gag Rule even is.

Check it out:

BBC: Obama Lifts Ban on Abortion Funds
Fox: Obama Lifts Ban on Overseas Abortion Funding
MSNBC: Obama Reverses Abortion-Funds Policy
Yahoo News: Obama Reverses Bush Abortion-Funds Policy
CNN: Obama Reverses Abortion-Funds Policy
ABC: Obama Reverses Bush Abortion-Funds Policy
New York Times: Obama Reverses Rules on US Abortion Aid

You think that’s bad? Check out the religious right news headlines:

Life News: Obama Officials Confirm He Will Fund Foreign Abortions
Right Side News: Taxpayer Funds for International Abortion, Obama Priority One?
WorldNetDaily: Fed Coffers to Be Opened for Worldwide Abortions
Black-Listed News: Obama to Fund Forced Abortions

What’s wrong here? US FUNDING FOR OVERSEAS ABORTION IS STILL PROHIBITED. The Mexico City Policy, a.k.a. Global Gag Rule, just extended funding prohibitions to all agencies and health clinics that performed, made referrals, or even talked about abortion in any context, even when that work was funded by their own money. Strange how so many prominent news sources got this wrong and wrote headlines that strongly implied or outright stated that America will now fund abortions overseas.

Because that is false. But deliberately so, or mistakenly, I’m not sure.


3 thoughts on “Media Coverage of Repeal of Global Gag Rule Is Messed Up

  1. Thank you! My conservative sister in law to be posted an article on facebook complaining about the contradiction between trying to value lives in Guantanamo and then “killing children” in Africa. I don’t reply on her BS, but I wanted to write, in all caps, IT’S NOT ABORTION FUNDING!!!!!!!

    People cannot talk about abortion with nuance.

  2. Thanks for compiling these headlines. I used some of them for an opinion piece on the overturning on the global gag rule, to be published tomorrow at the above website. Amazing how the MSM gets it wrong (or purposefully distorts for the sake of sensationalism).

    Thanks again!

  3. No prob. I was actually shocked when I saw the headlines that came up after I did a google search for “global gag rule”. The more I realized that this was an major trend in even the largest and most respected news sources, I felt I wanted to say something.

    ‘Cause that’s fucked up.

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