Prostitutes and the Superbowl

It happens every time, doesn’t it? Demand for the services of prostitutes rises in the town hosting the Superbowl, women come out of the woodwork to meet the demand, police anticipate this and create sting operations, and women go to jail.

Why does it feel like the women aren’t the element of this equation that needs changing?

It’s all going down in Tampa. Police have netted 19 women so far.

Thanks for protecting the citizens of Tampa from sinful sinful sexxx, police.


One thought on “Prostitutes and the Superbowl

  1. Fuck the police.

    Their job is to “protect and serve”.

    Oh boy! I sure feel safer now that 19 women are in jail. Women who are just trying to make a living in these tough economic times.

    (And why not the guys? What happened to them?)

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