Doctor “Doesn’t Know How” to Examine Lesbians

Gay Uterus
The lesbian uterus is so complicated and icky! Image found on Shakesville.

From the article Lesbians a mystery to city MD in the Winnipeg Free Press:

A same-sex couple has filed a human rights complaint against a south Winnipeg doctor, claiming she refused to take them as patients and told them she doesn’t know how to treat lesbians.

Andrea and Ginette Markowski, who recently moved to Winnipeg from Yellowknife, were stunned last week when a family doctor at Lakewood Medical Centre suggested the couple look for another physician since homosexuality violates her religious beliefs.

…[Dr. Kamelia] Elias told the Free Press she has no experience treating lesbians and gays who sometimes have “sexual problems” and other diseases. Elias…said she’s never treated gays or lesbians in her two decades as a physician.

“They get a lot of diseases and infections,” Elias said during a phone interview. “I didn’t refuse to treat them, I said it’s better to find someone who has experience and will take this type of patients. There (are) some doctors who can treat them.”

Shelly Smith, executive director of Rainbow Resource Centre, said lesbians actually have lower rates of sexually transmitted infections, which are more commonly transmitted by men.

But we’re not in America…

Manitoba doctors…can’t discriminate based on race, gender, sexual orientation or anything else enshrined in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

So the women can actually sue! Where the hell did Elias get her “information” about lesbians? Surely not in medical school.

Via SistersTalk.


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