Safe House for AU Aboriginal DV Survivors

The BBC reports:

The first refuge for domestic violence victims has opened in Australia’s Northern Territory, and is designed to help vulnerable Aboriginal women.

The project in the remote settlement of Ngukurr is part of the Australian government’s intervention into dozens of troubled Aboriginal areas.

…Aborigine women are said to be 50 times more likely to suffer domestic abuse than their non-indigenous counterparts.

50 times more likely? Wow.

The struggle of Australia’s Aboriginal citizens in some ways mirrors the struggles of America’s Native citizens. They were colonized by whites, and decimated by violence, disease, forced boarding schools for children and attempts to erase their cultures and languages. Today both groups have deeper struggles with many societal problems that the people who colonized them: domestic violence, alcoholism, drug abuse, child abuse, rape, etc.

White Australian leaders have taken the steps of banning alcohol and porn in Aborigine areas. Talk about a comprehensive solution addressing the true underlying causes of the problem. I’m glad that social justice is so high on the Australian agenda.

In America, we like to blame the Native Americans for the problems that plague them, and in Australia, they do the same with the Aborigines. Isn’t it interesting that two completely different sets of indigenous people suffer the same after-effects from white colonization?

But we mustn’t suggest that white colonization is bad for indigenous peoples. That would be like heresy. So instead we should just blame indigenous peoples for being socially backwards, morally degenerate, irresponsible, and unable to govern themselves without whites to supervise.

Isn’t it also interesting that just as societies like to play “blame the victim” with survivors of domestic abuse and rape, colonizers like to do the same thing with the colonized?

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