Quote of the Day. Topic: “Race Guilt”

From a letter to the Contra Costa Times:

Officer Johannes Mehserle is being railroaded by a legal system held hostage by race guilt and a group of violent, anarchist hoodlums with no regard for justice in this case. They are simply using this case as a medium to vent their anti establishment leanings and disregard of property and our constitution.

I doubt the violent protests in Oakland grew from true outrage over injustice, rather the old race card rears its ugly head again and opportunity for wanton destruction and simmering establishment hatred is ripe for action.

-Chris “Tree” Murrell

Johannes Mehserle is the police officer who killed Oscar Grant while Grant was laying face down on the ground with his hands behind his back.


Hate Crimes Follow Hateful Rhetoric

In a previous post, I asked “Do prominent anti-gay measures have the effect of creating more hate crimes against LGBT individuals? Do these measures send a message to society that queers are lesser people, second-class citizens, not quite as deserving of respectful treatment as “regular” folks?”

I have also previously written about how words spoken by prominent individuals in public forums affect those who hear them. (Isn’t that the point anyway?)

My friend Jess in California is participating in the Tell3 campaign and recently sent me some information about how Prop 8 is affecting the lives of queer people there.

She also sent me this video about Ballot Measure 9, an attempt to outlaw being openly LGBT in Oregon in 1993: (below the fold)

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