The Czech on BBC Radio Today!

Weird, right? I will be part of an on-air discussion about right-to-die and the case of Eluana Englaro in Italy (which I posted about below).

I will be speaking as Mary Powers, sometime between 1 and 2pm EST.

Listen live at World Have Your Say.

Update: Listen to the recorded show here. Look for the one about “Right to Die.” I speak a few times a little after halfway through the show.


3 thoughts on “The Czech on BBC Radio Today!

  1. Very well done! You made excellent points. I am so happy I got to listen in! How did you get hooked up with that?

  2. They just asked in a comment on my post about the topic (Terry Schiavo Italian Style).

    It all happened quite fast. Thanks for the report back- perhaps I didn’t make myself look like a foolish buffoon after all!

  3. Not at all. I wish the moderator had directed the conversation a bit more. I mean, the personal stories of those two guys were very moving, but your point about Berlusconi saying she could still have babies is so telling! It’s not about honoring life, it’s about judgment and control.

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