Rape Is Still a Tool of War

Rape is a tool of war used by all sides.

The BBC has an article up about how rape is used to shame Iraqi women who then feel compelled to become suicide bombers to purify themselves.

In a separate interview with AP a week after her 21 January arrest, [Samira] Jassim also described how insurgents used organised rape as a way of generating more bombers.

Her role was to persuade the traumatised victims that carrying out a suicide attack was their only way out.

H/t Feministe.

2 thoughts on “Rape Is Still a Tool of War

  1. I saw a very moving documentary last night on the women’s peace movement in Liberia. It’s called Pray the Devil Back to Hell. I highly recommend it. I also saw a documentary on Sunday (this is all part of the Human Rights Film Festival that Amnesty Int’l organizes) called Sand and Sorrow about Darfur. Then I read an article about how unlikely it is that the Korean women who were made “comfort women” during the wars will ever get an official apology. I’m struggling to think of a single war where rape was not a tool.

    Ayayay. Anyway, I think it is a very interesting topic when you can take a step back from the putrid reality. But I need to get actual work done today. Thanks for the great blog, czech. I miss you! My C.O.F. syndrome no longer has an outlet!

    There was a great post on Feministing about abstinence and rape culture today. http://community.feministing.com/2009/02/when-rape-culture-meets-abstin.html

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