Anti-Choicers on a Roll in Kansas

So this makes four. Four bills meant to chip away at women’s access to abortion are currently circulating in Kansas.

I first posted about the bill to make women listen to the fetal heartbeat before being allowed to have an abortion.

Then I posted about a bill that would allow her family or husband to sue if they think a woman’s abortion was “illegal”. It would also force doctors to read a pro-life, anti-abortion script to patients before allowing them to have their procedure.

And now there’s two more!

The Kansas City Star informs us that Kansas Rep. Steve Huebert is sponsoring a bill to remove the mental health exemption for late term abortion. “I don’t think mental distress qualifies,” he states.

Is that your medical opinion, Steve, or from your experience as a woman with a difficult pregnancy and severe mental health issues?

The fourth (and final?) bill would force abortion providers to provide the Kansas government in Topeka with personal medical information about each late term abortion they perform so that the government can determine whether the medical decision was “justified”. Why the government has a compelling interest in double-checking doctors’ decisions only in the case of abortion is not clear.

3 thoughts on “Anti-Choicers on a Roll in Kansas

  1. Are you frickin’ kidding me? I love how all those people who want to make the rules and pass the bills never have to walk in one of those women’s shoes. Ass hats.

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