Greatest Power Grab Since the War of Northern Aggression


I am a reader of Angry Black Bitch. I enjoy her perspective, voice, and commentary. But I also have a secret additional affection for her: she lives in St Louis, my birth-town and current location of not one but TWO of my brothers.

She often covers Missouri news that really takes me back to my Midwestern upbringing.

How about this one?

A certain Missouri Representative Bryan Stevenson (R-Webb City) took to the floor and declared the not introduced so not really in question and certainly not a pressing issue if it ever does get introduced FOCA [Freedom of Choice Act] the “greatest power grab by the federal government since the War of Northern Aggression.”

Oh yes he did!

He compared a hypothetical federal law protecting Choice to Lincoln’s decision to save the Union and end slavery. Negatively.

A revealing hand-tip indeed.

Oh, to those of you who aren’t familiar, the War of Northern Aggression is the preferred term for the Civil War amongst Southerners who long for ye good olde days of codified white supremacy and black enslavement. Before that evil “power grab” by Lincoln.

Makes sense, I guess, that someone who still rues the end of slavery would also be so terrified of any lessening of our tradition of female servitude. Oh no, what about the patriarchy!

Hear the words from the horse’s mouth:


13 thoughts on “Greatest Power Grab Since the War of Northern Aggression

  1. Didn’t Missouri stay in the Union during the American Civil War? Also, chances are this guy didn’t call the Hyde Amendment or the act banning IDX “power grabs”.

  2. @student: FOCA doesn’t do anything, it’s neither a law nor a bill. It’s completely hypothetical.

    @Dori: HILARIOUS! Good idea.

    @Rob: Misery was a slave state, but decided not to secede. So… good call!

    I love commentors!

  3. It’s the annoying questions that bother me. My personal opinions are in my posts. Further factual information is available at Wikipedia or by googling. Stop playing games and contribute to the discussion or go away.

  4. “An abortion kills the life of a baby after it has begun”

    Planned Parenthood pamphlet at a speaker’s training seminar on March 13, 1999, in Long Beach, California.

  5. so a pamphlet that is 10 years old from a training seminar? could you at least provide a link so we can take a look? or explain why you selected this particular document?

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