Iraq Happy that American Occupation Will End

Think Progress gathered these quotes:

“We welcome such a decision and support it. … We consider this as a good-faith sign from the American Administration toward Iraq and Iraqis.” — Tahseen al-Shekhli, spokesman for the Iraqi government

“[Maliki is] very comfortable with the plan. … I think we’re ready to take over the responsibilities from the Americans. Our forces will be up to it, and we are even ready right now.” — Yassen Majeed, adviser to Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki

“It is a realistic and responsible plan. It represents a recognition that Iraq must take matters into their own hands and deal with those huge challenges as an independent country.” — Mahdi al Hafez, Minister of Parliament

“We will be ready to take over when the Americans leave.” — Gen. Abdul Kerim Khalaf, spokesman for the interior ministry and a “key player in the Baghdad security plan.”

As an American, I can’t wait until my country ends this occupation of what should be a sovereign nation. No matter how bad Bush was, I would never have wanted a foreign country to come in, topple our government, execute our leader, and occupy America for years.

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