I just happened across an exciting blog: the Indigenist Intelligence Review, which also led me to the Aboriginal News Group.

So what is indigenism, some might ask? I can see that the WordPress spell check is not familiar with the term.

A blog called By Any Means Necessary has an informative post on the subject.

[I]ndigenism is a theory and practice which places the struggles of indigenous peoples for land and autonomy at the centre of its work. Much of the time it also draws inspiration and insight from the lessons of indigenous peoples, such as (in the Americas) values of communality, solidarity, reciprocity, social justice, equality, complementarity and harmony with nature.

Upping the Anti has republished an important Ward Churchill essay on Indigenism, called I Am Indigenist. Notes on the Ideology of the Fourth World, written in 2000.

I have identified myself as being “indigenist” in outlook. By this, I mean that I am one who not only takes the rights of indigenous peoples as the highest priority of my political life, but who draws upon the traditions—the bodies of knowledge and corresponding codes of value—evolved over many thousands of years by native peoples the world over. This is the basis upon which I not only advance critiques of, but conceptualize alternatives to the present social, political, economic, and philosophical status quo. In turn, this gives shape not only to the sorts of goals and objectives I pursue, but the kinds of strategy and tactics I advocate, the variety of struggles I tend to support, the nature of the alliances I am inclined to enter into, and so on.

So go forth and read up! Aboriginal peoples seem to garner little attention in any medium, so here’s a little window if you would like to learn more.

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