Some White LGBT Peeps Still Don’t Get It

Racist Prop 8 AdThanks to Renee at Womanist Musings for being on this.

It appears that some white queers still don’t got their shit together, despite all the discussion about race and the LGBT community that’s being going on around Prop 8. Queerty, a respectable website that at times suffers from an overdose of white privilege, published this image.

Read Renee’s post for good analysis about what’s wrong with Queerty’s appropriation of this image. I just wanted to draw this to the attention of The Czech readers as an expression of solidarity, as I am a white queer person and I want this cavalier appropriation of American blacks’ racial struggles by white queers to STOP.

I am still against Prop 8, but this is not the way to fight it.  How can QPOC (queer people of color) feel part of a movement that is so disrespectful of their unique histories?


2 thoughts on “Some White LGBT Peeps Still Don’t Get It

  1. I fully agree with you on this. It annoys me that in a time where the queer community should be banding together, to often they’re fighting amongst themselves. it is truly time to unify as one body.

  2. I agree. I think there is a certain segment of the queer community that is truly working from a social justice framework. I.e. who realize we can’t end any oppression until we end all oppressions. A segment who realizes we are ultimately all fighting for the same thing, and we will only be more effective if we can learn to work with each other.

    That segment does not seem to be present at Queerty. When complaints were made in the comment section by blacks about the image that I duplicate above, the complainers were called “black racists” and essentially told to shut up. No one took the complaints seriously and no one removed the offending picture so as not to alienate black queers and allies who would like to feel part of the LGBT community.

    That is not my queer community. That’s one reason why I have my own blog… to explore what real social justice and solidarity could look like.

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