Library Decides to Restrict Books Indicating Sex Can Be Enjoyable

Leave it to Kansas to try bringing book banning back into style.

The Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library Board voted to “restrict access” to four books that discuss sex in a positive way, half of which are about gay sex. I’m sure that’s simply coincidence.

What are these evil, sinful tomes? Why, they are “The Joy of Sex,” “The Joy of Gay Sex,” “The Lesbian Kama Sutra,” and “Sex for Busy People.”

Kim BorchersHere’s an interesting tidbit: the request to ban “restrict access” to these books came from an individual, one Kim Borchers of the group “Kansans for Common Sense Policy,” who attends church each Sunday with 4 of the 5 Library Board members who voted for the ban “access restriction.”

No conflict of interest there!

“Board Chair Kerry Storey said it was the most disappointing moment in her 25-year association with the library.

…The board will decide whether to put the books on the top shelf, put them behind the counter or do something else with them at next month’s meeting.”

“Do something else”… like burn them perhaps? ; )

This Kim Borchers individual, a stay-at-home mom whose Kansans for Common Sense Policy organization does not turn up in web searches, has been advocating for greater censorship in libraries for a few years now, it appears. She also has been photographed twice speaking at Americans for Prosperity Kansas, a conservative organization closely partnered with Townhall. Interesting.

One thought on “Library Decides to Restrict Books Indicating Sex Can Be Enjoyable

  1. word is she tried to get the ban for nine years. NOBODY knows why it passed this year. the meeting was jam-packed with concerned residents. People who worked at the library cried when the ban passed.

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