Looking for Work in Social Justice?

Hey, it’s damn hard to find a job right now. BELIEVE ME, I know.

During my long, long, long search, which just ended (yay!), I amassed a load of places where one can look for a job in the non-profit and organizing sectors.

Check out your options.

Obviously, there’s Idealist.org and the non-profit page on Craigslist, both of which have postings in many countries. I myself have found good jobs from both.

Then you’ve got:

The Nonprofit Network

The Foreign Policy Association Job Board (international postings)

The New Organizing Institute job listserv

Jobs That Are Left google group

Relief Web job page (international postings)

The Seattle-specific NonProfit Networking yahoo group

Also, I’m a big advocate of dedicating time to service work to support one’s country. Anyone who can post information about service corps in countries besides the US please do. In America, we’ve got AmeriCorps. I found it meaningful to dedicate a year of my life to living simply and serving needy communities within my own country.

Please post any additional resources in the comments! Help a sista (or brotha) out!

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