1 in 4 South African men admit to rape.

From the article:

Gender advocates say that the 2006 rape trial of prominent politician Jacob Zuma was incredibly damaging to their cause. Zuma, who was elected President this year, was tried and acquitted of raping an HIV-positive family friend. He told the court that the woman had dressed provocatively, in a traditional wrap-around kanga, and that it was against Zulu culture for a man to leave a sexually aroused woman unsatisfied.

Setting aside for a moment the question of What is a “gender advocate”?, this is all quite seriously fucked up. The South African president is essentially a self-admitted and unashamed rapist. Wow, what to say.

For anyone reading in South Africa, here is a list of women’s organizations, some of which may provide support to rape victims and work against violence against women. There is also Rape Crisis, Cape Town and Masimanyane Women’s Support Centre.


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