Best Couple of the Year

Best CoupleA sweet story was on WNYC Radio Rookies this morning. Listen here or read the transcript.

When seniors at a small public high school in the Bronx cast their votes for “Best Couple” earlier this year, they chose a pair they admire but who definitely defy the stereotype of best couple.

From the show:

Vicky: I’m scared to tell my grandmother because she judges other gay people in our family, like: “Ewww! Why does she dress like that? Why does she have a girlfriend?” But, Deoine and I go together like mac and cheese.

Deoine: Okay, the first time I saw Vikky it was on a web site called Sconex and I thought she was pretty. I used to call her my favorite Puerto Rican girl.

H/t Wellsmus.


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