Nativists Harrass Train Crash Victim’s Family Because They Are Latino

Nine people died in Monday’s Metro crash in DC. One of them had the poor taste to be a Latina immigrant. Her name was Ana Fernandez and she was commuting to her house cleaning job.

WUSA9 news report:

The family of Metro train crash victim Ana Fernandez says they have been targeted by anti-immigrant telephone messages in the wake of her death.

Callers accuse the family of trying to financially capitalize on Fernandez’s death and have called her an illegal immigrant.

“None of this is true,” said Jose Hernandez, a cousin.

Fernandez was 40-years old and the mother of six children aged 2 to 21.

…Family members say the calls were left at a phone number announced by the Spanish language television outlet Univision, to leave messages of support for the family.

In fact, Ana was a legal immigrant from El Salvador.

The Indigenous Xicano says:

Most people would mourn at the sadness of this story of a hard-working mother going to work and dying in an accident on the way to work.

Many times there will be a call to establish a fund to help defray the costs for the funeral and to establish a fund for the surviving children.

But Ana’s last name is Fernandez. The reality in America today is that there are many abnormal people who quickly demonize people with names that sound Spanish. Deceased mothers are no exception.

…If her name was Ann Smith these monsters would not make a sound.


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