Cis Is Not an Insult

For those of you not familiar with the terms “cisgender” or “cissexual”, here is a reference.

Check out this post at Questioning Transphobia. The post addresses a piece written by a cisgendered gay man who claims the term cisgender (i.e. non-trans) is offensive. A popular blog that I usually enjoy, Pam’s House Blend, has decided to bow to these claims and ban the words cisgender and cissexual, as well as any comment that supports their use.

Cis is not an offensive prefix, nor an insult.

There is a subset of white, well-off gay men who want the LGBT movement to reflect their needs and desires, their rage at being one privilege short of absolute privilege, and who despise the fact that the LGBT movement wants them to make space for the different needs of trans folks, bisexuals, gay men of color, poor gay men, lesbians, and other queers. They don’t want to be saddled by the greater struggles these other groups face. They want to leap that one hurdle that separates them from joining the most privileged group in the world, and the rest of us hold them back. So a small group of white gay men are pushing back against inclusiveness, against the idea of having our own house in order, and against trans respect and equality.

I know most of you gay white men out there are not like this. Those who are, are not part of my community.

5 thoughts on “Cis Is Not an Insult

  1. What? For real?

    I just wrote my first trans ally piece on my blog, and I used the term “cisgender” in it. I am a cisgender person. I have never net an ally who has a problem with the term.

  2. Allies don’t have a problem with the term. It’s non-allies who don’t want to lose their gender privilege. And who probably think including trans people in the LGBT movement is a bad thing to boot.

  3. I read the commentary and the reasoning at the original post, and I find it sad. It is all about wanting to be the default without examining it at all. I can’t understand how they can defend “I say it’s offensive so it’s verboten” without realizing the implication of their disproportionate power in the dynamic.

    When I wrote my post this week, I needed to point out that someone making a joke about transitioning was not trans. Using cisgendered makes sense. It is a very similar system to homo and heterosexual. Once I heard it used as a term (I forget when) it seemed so intuitive. It never crossed my mind to find it offensive.

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