Frat Prez Gets No Time for Cocaine Ring

What, NO TIME!? Yes, it is true. It all went down at the University of Vermont in Burlington.

From the NYT:

Prosecutors said [Christopher] Duncan, head of the Lambda Iota fraternity during the 2006-2007 school year, allowed drugs, drug paraphernalia and money to be stored in a safe in his fraternity house bedroom, helped broker drug deals and drove to Connecticut to buy cocaine later sold by Duncan and co-defendant Bent Cardan.

…U.S. District Judge William Sessions III said a prison term wasn’t appropriate…

The judge called him “stupid”, “naive and a bit player”.


From the University of Vermont student newspaper

Duncan told police that he “estimated the total he sold for Cardan between February and April 2007 was 8 to 10 ounces,” according to the affidavit. That is equal to approximately $16,000.00 at the price he was selling at.

Bit player indeed. How much time do you think he would do if he were poor and black or Latino?

The blog World Class Stupid frames it nicely:

One day our court system will realize that rich white college students are just as smart as poor black high-school dropouts.

Do you think Duncan’s status as a fraternity president, as the son of an attorney, as a suburban white kid, had any effect on the incredible leniency shown to him after months of using his frat house as the center of a coke ring?

There are no pics of Duncan online, but here is a photo of Lambda Iota.
Lambda Iota


2 thoughts on “Frat Prez Gets No Time for Cocaine Ring

  1. And again and again and again. :(

    I can’t believe that an affluent college student is described as “naive” and “stupid” for running a coke ring. We all know a judge would have chosen different words to describe a poor, undereducated black person doing the same thing.

    I was kinda hoping some white racists would come on here and start trying to defend Duncan, because I was really interested in what their “nope, no racism here” argument was going to be. Ah well.

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