Did You Hear About These Anti-Gay Hate Crimes?

‘Cause I can’t really be sure whether these stories will make much of a splash in the MSM.

Legalize GayDid you know that an American Apparel in Maryland has been vandalized and it’s employees have received repeated threats because they display a t-shirt that says “Legalize Gay” in their window? Via Evil Slutopia.

Did you know that August 1st a gunman killed two adolescents and injured 15 more at a queer youth support group in Tel Aviv? Via City of Ladies.

From the Jerusalem Post:

“These were teenagers,” Yaniv Weisman, chairman of the Israeli Gay Youth organization, told The Jerusalem Post.

With tears in his eyes, Weisman added, “They came to this center from across the country to talk to one another and receive help. This was supposed to be a safe place for them. Someone knew what they were doing when they came here. This is not a pub or a club.”

Here is the link to Israeli Gay Youth.


2 thoughts on “Did You Hear About These Anti-Gay Hate Crimes?

  1. Thanks for linking! We only heard about what happened because we read The Sexist, which is a Washington City Paper blog, and they covered it as a local story. Apparently it made local news in the D.C. area, but not sure about any coverage beyond that.

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