The Land Where Rapists Go Free

Have you heard of a small country called the United States of America?

Journalist Mariane Pearl:

According to U.S. Justice Department figures, more than one in three Native women will be raped in her lifetime, and they are two and a half times more likely to be sexually assaulted or raped than non-Native women. And these estimates are widely assumed to be low because so many rapes go unreported.

…As Charon Asetoyer, an activist on the Yankton Sioux reservation, puts it, “The bottom line is that it’s open season on Native women. Nearly every woman on the reservation has been affected.”

…”This place is heaven for serial rapists,” Charon says. “Our daughters’ lives are being taken from us.”

We have laws set up in this country that make rape very easy on reservations or in remote indigenous communities. Easier to get away with inside than outside. So basically, anyone who figures this out and lives near a res isn’t going to think too hard about where to troll.

Additionally, men inside the res know that consequences are few and far between. Women know they have few resources to turn to. They simply survive. However they can.

Here’s some links to what Native Women are doing about this (in North America):

Native American Women’s Health Education Resource Center

Tribal Law and Policy Institute

Minnesota Indian Women’s Resource Center

El Polvo Women’s Network

Lipan Apache Women Defense

Native Women Traditional & Contemporary Societies

Peace Women

Indigenous Women for Justice

Institute for the Advancement of Aboriginal Women

Stolen Sisters

There are so many more, but my eyes are tired of computer screens….


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