Hot Dog Marriage

Spotted by hot tipper Shannon in DC near the Capitol:

Hot Dog MarriageThe sign reads: Marriage Man + Woman

I don’t know anyone else, but I think I just changed my mind about marriage equality!

Shannon sez:

I took this photo in DC, between the capitol and the art gallery. There were a few other stands spread around, but this stand was the closest to us, plus had the most visible hate, thus we were sold on it.

5 thoughts on “Hot Dog Marriage

  1. I loooooove me some hot dogs with my sweet, sweet heterosexual weddings.

    Although, honestly, I would totally eat veggie dogs at a wedding, hetero or not.

    And I’m still trying to understand the grammar. “Marriage Man + Woman” makes it sounds like a hero and the sidekick. Marriage Man will save the day, and maybe Woman will engage in slapstick humor!

  2. I can see all sorts of nice hetero wedding traditions involving the newlyweds delicately sliding the sacred dog into the matrimonial bun.. but you can only use relish if it’s a Covenant Marriage.
    So rife with the kind of delicate symbolism the ‘save marriage’ movement needs!
    Perhaps the weiner could be frozen and eaten on the first anniversary, or better yet cast in bronze for the whole world to see that this penis has entered this vagina, to god’s great fucking satisfaction. There, now eat it!

  3. Sorry, I guess I was operating on the premise that the hot dogs themselves somehow factored into this asshat’s decision to add his morals to my tasty treat of processed meat product.
    Probably should have explained that first.

    But seriously, Xtians just love a good product tie-in (Testa-mints instead of tic-tacs anyone?? I’m dead serious that those are real.) All he needs is a catchy name and a 15 second sound bite that evokes homophobia and racism, and I gaurantee my home state of Nebraska will gobble it up.

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