Nooz to Make You Wanna Booze

The Exciting Times is back with some morsels of news for your brain to chew on.

Is golf unethical?


There, that wasn’t hard.  But here’s an opinion piece by Randy Cohen in which he mulls over this very question. I found it quite interesting.

A Niqab Ban in Michigan Courts?

Ginnah MuhammadIs America inching towards a French-style burqa-ban debate? Ginnah Muhammad, who wears a niqab as the result of sincerely-held religious belief, was brave enough to sue a judge, Paul Paruk, who wouldn’t preside over her case if she didn’t remove portions of her religious clothing he didn’t like. CAIR and the ACLU got involved. She lost. The Michigan courts are going to have a field day with this one.

Ibrahim JassamUS Indefinitely Holding Reuters Journalist

Ah yes, the Leader of the Free World is at it again.

‘Reuters is concerned at the continued and protracted incarceration of Ibrahim Jassam, and continues to urge the U.S. military to either charge or release him. Reuters believes that any accusation against a journalist should be aired publicly and dealt with fairly and swiftly, with the journalist having the right to counsel and present a defense.’

…Ibrahim Jassam, 31, is an Iraqi freelance photographer. Since Sept. 2, 2008, when U.S. soldiers seized him at his home near Baghdad, he has been held without charge in American military prisons.

A Program for Juvenile Offenders that Works? IN MISSOURI?

Could this be true?

While America’s juvenile system is often criticized for corruption and abuse, Missouri state officials say its juvenile justice solution has saved billions of dollars and reduced the number of repeat offenders…

Known as the Missouri model, the program focuses on therapy, comfortable living conditions and an emphasis on job training and education…

Each offender is placed in a small group of 10 to 15, assigned a case worker and sent to school during the day. Offenders also put on Shakespeare stage productions and play sports. They learn about teamwork through camping and rock climbing.

Apparently the program has a low recidivism rate, a suicide rate of 0%, a high rate of high school graduation, AND saves Missouri hella cash. Who knew that there were benefits to not abusing juveniles’ human rights?


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