The Exciting Times V.2

Crap loads of interesting stuff going on in this here world:

Trans Methodist Minister Finds Acceptance from his Congregation. Via Box Turtle Bulletin.

Acting Like Native Americans Is a Cult German Hobby.

Canadian Christianists Oppressed by the Teaching of Religion in Public Schools. Don’t worry, that doesn’t make sense to me either. Essentially, it appears they are angry their children are learning that religious besides Christianity exist.

Baptist Preacher Says of Gays: “I Hope You Get Brain Cancer”.

Actress Openly Discusses Her Schizophrenia. I think it is awesome she wants to be public about her mental condition. Yay!

Islamophobia Claims a Life in London. The elderly Ekram Haque was killed by a gang of whites in front of his 3-year-old granddaughter.

Sudanese Journalist Convicted of Wearing Pants. Lubna Hussein’s subsequent actions show true courage and solidarity. Holla!

The Wall Street Journal kindly reminds us that Christians are terribly, terribly oppressed in America. And are totally not the dominate majority who enjoy state privileges that non-Christians could never dream of.


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