Tea Party Protesters Inadvertently Protest for More & Better Government Services

Hang em HighReally, this headline could sum up much of what Tea Partiers are about. They want “government” to stay away from government programs like Medicaid. They want the government to pave the planet for their cars, to police our borders, to hunt down “illegals”, to provide fire protection, to respond to disasters, to keep paying their SSI, to pay for foreign wars, and etc. Just so long as poor people, “illegals”, non-English speakers, and non-whites don’t accrue any benefits.

In a microcosm of their ideological incoherence, some Tea Partiers (do you see how I use the nice term? I am so big-hearted.) who were in DC for the big 9/12 protest are angry that the government didn’t provide them with enough publicly-funded transit for them to effectively protest publicly-funded health care and the like.

From the Wall Street Journal:

The Texas Republican on Wednesday released a letter he sent to Washington’s Metro system complaining that the taxpayer-funded subway system was unable to properly transport protesters to the rally to protest government spending and expansion.“These individuals came all the way from Southeast Texas to protest the excessive spending and growing government intrusion by the 111th Congress and the new Obama administration,” [Rep. Kevin] Brady [of Texas] wrote.

“These participants, whose tax dollars were used to create and maintain this public Kevin Bradytransit system, were frustrated and disappointed that our nation’s capital did not make a great effort to simply provide a basic level of transit for them.”

Just like the government should, um, not make a great effort to provide a basic level of something even more basic to life – health care? I don’t get it.

And here’s a precious kicker. Brady is upset that some of the most vulnerable members of the group, when provided insufficient help by the government, were forced to turn to expensive private market alternatives they could barely afford… i.e. taxis.

Brady says in his letter to Metro that overcrowding forced an 80-year-old woman and elderly veterans in wheelchairs to pay for cabs.

THIS IS KILLING ME! I mean, what is government funding for, if not to fund conservatives’ crusade against government funding?

My brain hurts.

Right Wing Exremist

Amazing yet true pictures from the DC Tea Party protest found by googling.

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