Your Opinion Needed: How Do You Define “Socialism”?

Really peeps. Let’s have a little discussion… I think it will be fun and insightful. How do you define socialism? No, not the dictionary, unless you want to ref your fave def. But what does it mean to you, deep down inside?Homosexual's Guide

If you want, share with the group: do you consider yourself socialist? Oh please tell us all the juicy details!

Please do not discuss whether Obama is a socialist or not. BORRRING. Keep it personal! Very personal.


4 thoughts on “Your Opinion Needed: How Do You Define “Socialism”?

  1. “Socialist” is the next “Fascist” and hence needs its own version of Godwin’s Law. It has become a vague, almost meaningless insult in political discourse. It basically means “I disagree with who I am applying it to”. It says as much about who is using it as it does about who it is applied to. The term has become useless as a political term as it gets people caught up with emotionally loaded terms. Excluding people who self-describe as socialist, the best definition would be “not a wingnut”.

  2. OMG you read my mind Rob! I was totally mulling over this exact same thing.

    Let’s create it right now. Rob’s Law:

    “As an American political discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving socialism approaches 1. Once such a comparison is made, the conversation is finished and whoever mentioned socialism loses.”

  3. Hahaha, awesome. As you may know already, I love applying mathematical formulas to everything. (Josh Potter would also be proud.)

    Socialism to me, in simple terms, is an economic system in which, ideally, each person can pursue whatever field of study and work they want, and no matter what their choice is, they can live, eat, travel, etc. without having to worry too much about money. It’s a system where the government is there to back you up if you need help getting where you’re going, but once you get there, you are expected to in turn help others out.

    It is funny, in any case, how many elements of American capitalism are reasonably socialist already. I mean, they are balanced by extremely non-socialist examples, but still. I mean, in Europe, social democrats are important parties in most countries. That’s just what they do.

  4. Ah, shout out to Pottery Barn.

    Yes, we have a mix of socialist and capitalist policies, leaning heavily on the capitalist side. I am very intrigued by the soc-cap mixes in some European countries. The Netherlands, Denmark, and Sweden in particular. The UK, Germany and France get by ok. I don’t know much about Norway or Finland, but as the Scandinavians seem to have this mix down, I’m curious about them.

    I think I personally lean towards a mix. Capitalism, (from my pessimistic view) is simply the conglomeration of each individual’s personal greed. Socialism is an attitude that some basic human needs should be ensured for each individual. When I think of them in these vague ways, I see no reason why elements of both can’t exist side-by-side. And indeed in some countries they do.

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