An Attempt to Shut Down The Czech

Looks like some people don’t like what I have to say about housing discrimination:

check this out – someone from FAR AWAY made it a point to support the apts we are fighting. please go to this blog and post your comments. if we make enough noise, he will shut down his blog for awhile. thx! ~Arabi~

At this Times-Picayune Forum

It’s a little bit scary, but I guess it means I’m on the right track! And my site hits are waaay up.

PS. I am not shutting my blog down.

UPDATE 9/29/09: My friend robert, from the first St. Bernard thread, has kindly advertised this here “liberal activist from Brooklyn” blog at Someone who has been successfully absorbing his daily Limbaugh Lessons responds eloquently.

11 thoughts on “An Attempt to Shut Down The Czech

  1. ::eyebrow::



    I think I may die laughing. Should I antagonize them where they are congregating or is it enough to say that I support you and think they need to grow the fuck up?

  2. The Czech, really??? You are laughable! Try a little research before opening your mouth or hiding behind your computer!! This will be my only comment on you and your goofy blog because you are clueless. Why not fix problems in your own area? Maybe because your people don’t want you “fixing” stuff in their area because you aren’t “fixing” anything, just stirring shit. Again, do some research on the things you post before doing so. You might actually learn a thing or two idiot!

  3. Clearly you are on the right track. I appreciate the gender confusion as well, although I suppose not every post of yours makes it obvious as to which pronoun is preferable for referring to you.

    And how exactly would they shut down your blog? By posting aggressive comments, or what?

  4. Why not fix problems in your own area? Maybe because your people don’t want you “fixing” stuff in their area because you aren’t “fixing” anything,

  5. Really robert?

    You read about someone’s attempt to shut my voice because I disagree with them, and your response is a version of “Go back to where you came from?” and not “I defend everyone’s right to free speech even if they disagree with me”.

    That post on Times-Picayune has really dredged up a sick bunch of people.

    I’m just curious: how do you know that I’m not active in my “area”?

  6. Why on earth do they think anyone would shut down their blog just because they get some dissenting comments? You will either publish them or delete them, depending on how vexatious they are, and get on with life. What blogger would do otherwise?

    I mean, it’s not as if they’re going to run through your bandwidth by coming here so that you have to ride out the rest of the month until reset – or don’t they realise that yet about blogs hosted at or

  7. how many high school football teams did we have before the storm? what war was fought on the chalmette battlefield? what are st. bernard’s main thoroughfares?

    if you have to look that up then maybe you should keep quiet on our local issue

    the people claiming housing discrimination are misguided. black people are NOT being kept out of st. bernard parish. unneeded housing is.

  8. Sorry. I’m not shutting up about it.

    What percentage of blacks before the storm lived in public housing? How does the average wealth of a black family in St. Bernard Parish compare to the average white family? What groups are leading the fight against housing discrimination, and where are they from?

  9. the percentage of people in public housing before the storm? i’d suppose it’s about the same. if you get a section 8 voucher, that is public housing, and st. bernard is doing that program, just not in complexes but in individual units. there might be fewer people overall, but as a percentage i don’t think it’s changed

    the average wealth? irrelevant

    what groups are leading the fight? the greater NEW ORLEANS fair housng action center. their leader is using this issue in part to springboard himself into a mayoral run in new orleans

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