If You Are So Proud of Your Racism, Why Do You Get Mad When People Call You A Racist?

My brain made a thought recently.

After Glenn Beck’s accusation that Obama hates white culture, coupled with his refusal to explain what he means by “white culture”,

after Rush Limbaugh’s “Obama’s America” comments and his demands that Obama make a personal apology for every act of violence perpetrated by a black person,

after Pat Buchanan’s umpteenth racist screed,

after certain rhetoric at Tea Parties,

and closer to home, after racist whites in St. Bernard Parish freaked out when I wrote about housing discrimination in their community,

it is clear that there are plenty of Americans who are proud of their racism. They are happy to display it in public places, from prominent news sources, and to be completely unequivocal in their hatred of blacks and black equality.

Just don’t you dare call it racism.Racism

My question is: why? Why are the proudly racist among us so unwilling to claim their racism? If they are so proud of their opinion that blacks are inferior, why don’t they proudly name themselves racist?

Racists, do you think you’re tricking us? ‘Cause we can tell.

I ask because I think it would be great if racists could just reclaim the racist label. If they would just call themselves racist right from the get-go, it would save the rest of us a lot of time. I would much prefer to know someone is racist up front than to find it out much later after they’ve done something shitty. It would also make it a lot easier to socialize and choose friends. Or to choose one’s work environment.

Do any non-racists have an opinion on this matter? What is so alluring about claiming to be non-racist, but yet being really really racist? Again, if you are so proud of your high opinion of whites and your low opinion of blacks, why are you not proud to declare it openly?

Are you ashamed?

If that’s a case, here’s a suggestion: stop being racist! The shame just melts away.

Please contribute your thoughts. Racist comments will not be tolerated. Big surprise. Please visit the Race section of my 101 post if you honestly want to discuss in good faith but are worried you might not have the background or language to do so.


One thought on “If You Are So Proud of Your Racism, Why Do You Get Mad When People Call You A Racist?

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