Pennsylvania-Style Misogyny

Hey, haven’t had enough woman-hating in your day?  How about a little tried-and-true misogyny, NEPA (Northeastern Pennsylvania) style, thoughtfully published in a major (relatively-speaking) Wilkes-Barre, PA newspaper called the Times Leader:

James HolevaThink of the cash your parents are laying down for your “education” as an unlimited account to the Bunny Ranch. If you have trouble charming chicks, that means it’s time for a little sorostitution. You won’t have to worry about c–k blocking yourself with meaningless chit-chat in the presence of sorority girls. They’re usually too wasted to require any sort of legitimate connection.

…All sororities invite a few less attractive girls to pledge in order to make the hotties feel better about themselves. The Ugly Sister will be available and vulnerable.

Written by someone named James Holeva. AH! His name is uncomfortably similar to mine. If you, ahem, enjoyed his article, he invites you to contact him at his facebook page.  If Facebook is accurate, you can see him depicted on the right.

I’m kind of in shock that a legitimate newspaper published that bullshit.  Not okay.  If you want to contact the Times Leader, you can do so here.

6 thoughts on “Pennsylvania-Style Misogyny

  1. I would have to say good for nowhere. Women hating should not be tolerated anywhere. Maybe this insightful young scholar can get together with Tucker Max and their combined douche bro-ness will cause the two of them to implode. One can hope.

  2. It takes every ounce of willpower I possess not to make mocking comments based on that fabulous picture.

    I’ve found, Shenanigans, that when douche-bros get together their power is amplified, not diminished. A sad property of douche-bro-ness.

  3. As the father of a young lady who will be starting college next year, my advice to her that all men are idiots will apparently go a long way once she gets to college.

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