The Exciting Times V.3

I’ve divided today’s issue into sections. Oh boy!


The Czech people are celebrating the collapse of American plans to put (more) American military equipment in their country! Go Czechs!

Idiot far-right German political party NPD sent offensive letters to “parliamentary candidates of immigrant heritage, telling them to go home.” It’s part of their cynical plan to stir up the not-properly-riled dormant xenophobic neo-nazi element in German society to vote for NPD in future elections.

Good news for the gheyz!

Not only does Nevada’s same-sex Domestic Partnership Registry Act take effect today, but the ban on same-sex marriage in Texas was declared unconstitutional!

So Topical!

Homeless American Girl dollEd Kilgore wrote about David Brooks and anti-anti-racism. Did you read what he calls Brooks’ “unintentionally hilarious column”?

American Girl debuts “Gwen”, their new homeless doll! How topical! Here’s a snippet of her story:

Gwen and her mother Janine fell on hard times when her father lost his job; they later lost the house as they were unable to keep up payments. Soon after, Gwen’s father left them and they became homeless the fall before the start of the book’s events.

LOL your post-racial America!

(got that title from Shakesville btw)
US attorney Jim Greenlee in Mississipi targeted convenience store owners based only on the evidence that their names sound Muslim. Not like kinda on the DL, but as a stated initiative. The Convenience Store Initiative, to be precise.

Of the more than 100 people listed as being investigated by federal authorities, nearly every name appears to be Islamic. FBI officials would not comment.

FAIL. Good thing my pals at Mississippi Immigrants Rights Association are ON IT.

ANNnnnd to cap it all off with the worst thing ever: a white woman claiming to be an immigration officer stabbed an immigrant woman and stole her 4-day-old baby. This Yair Anthony Carrillohappened yesterday in Tennessee to mother Maria Gurrolla. Her missing baby’s name is Yair Anthony Carrillo. Investigators said:

“The child was taken by a white female who was posing as an immigration worker. She had come to the residence and demanded the mother give her the baby. When the mother refused to comply she stabbed the mother approximately 8 times.”


4 thoughts on “The Exciting Times V.3

  1. Well, some Czechs maybe celebrate, but some not.

    I just hope that Russia will not occupy us again in future. These 40 years was enough.

  2. Thankfully, NPD did not make it to the Bundestag (national parliament). However, in the five Landestag (state) elections, NPD still has some seats in Sachsen (where I lived my first time in Germany), but it’s fewer than before, and the DVU (Deutsche Volksunion, also essentially neo-Nazi) is out of Brandenburg. Nationally, the Piratenpartei even got more votes than the NPD, although the fact that 1,5% of Germans voted for NPD is still scary.

    One of my friends here wrote an article about the anti-neo-Nazi demonstrations and similar political craziness here in Germany; here’s the link: (P.S. She’s part Czech!)

  3. Awesome. I really appreciate the update Patrick. I’m glad to know they are so marginal. It seems to confirm they did this just for publicity, and not because they could actually use power to force out non-white people. Sick way to get publicity, but at least it’s not coupled with power.

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