Wow, That Went Downhill Fast

A couple days ago, I mentioned a story about a mother whose newborn baby was snatched from her by a knife-wielding woman claiming to be an immigration agent. The Tennessee mother, Maria Gurrolla, is an immigrant, you see.
Newborn kidnapped

Well good news/bad news.

Good news: The perp, Tammy Renee Silas, is in custody and baby Yair was recovered unharmed.

Bad news: Not only does Maria still not have custody of Yair, but he, along with her three other children, has been kidnapped by the state of Tennessee. Maria was allowed to see Yair briefly before the authorities took him and his siblings away from her again. Authorities will not explain why, but claim it is for the children’s safety.

From the AP article: “State officials say the children were taken into custody Saturday for safety reasons but have not offered details.”

Yet… “Siskovic, an FBI special agent in the Memphis division, said there was no indication of an ongoing threat to Gurrolla’s family. He could not say why the children were put into state custody.”

Huh. Unless there is something completely startling that we don’t know about Gurrolla that makes her an unfit parent, we are looking at an egregious human rights abuse as well as unnecessary revictimization at the hands of the state.

Let us hope that justice prevails.

UPDATE 10/6/09

Yair is back! All siblings have been returned to Maria, after police realized she hadn’t been trying to sell Yair to the woman who followed her home and stabbed her before running off with Yair. That was the totes probable scenario, I presume, when the news sez the police took Maria’s children because “someone claimed a family member had tried to sell him.”

“It’s a bad horror movie,” she said. “Gurrola said she had wanted to return to Mexico after the attack and never return to the home where the kidnapping and stabbing happened.”

3 thoughts on “Wow, That Went Downhill Fast

  1. It appears that a family member may have sold the baby to Silas and that the state is holding on to the children only until they can figure out exactly what happened and that the children will be safe. There is a custody hearing tomorrow (Tuesday).

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