The Day Jesus Came Down and Brought the Constitution to the US

Arguably, Jon McNaughton is more patriotic than I am. Below you can see his latest piece of art, entitled “One Nation Under God”. I urge you to visit McNaughton’s website, because this is no ordinary work of art: it’s interactive! By rolling your mouse of different portions of the painting, you can learn about the significance of each character.

Beneath the painting, the artist responds to “liberal criticisms” he has received for this work.

Can you spot Satan?

One Nation Under God

Sister painting One Nation Under Cthulhu:

One Nation Under God spoof

UPDATE! 10/22/09 Another spoof! I wouldn’t have even known it was a spoof of One Nation if it hadn’t been for that Cossack-style dancing on the part of Abe. It doesn’t matter if it strays a tad from the original.  The more I look at it the more awesome it gets.  The bridled apatosaurus?  So Precious Moments-esque.  Off topic, but I just discovered that the wordpress dictionary doesn’t include “apatosaurus” and offers as a correction “brontosaurus”.  Oh the irony!

One Nation Under Unicorns & Dinosaurs


5 thoughts on “The Day Jesus Came Down and Brought the Constitution to the US

  1. I love this kind of nonsense because these people are so wrong about our founding fathers. Not one of the first five presidents were Christians. Washington, Madison, and Monroe were all deists. Adams and Jefferson were Unitarians. Jefferson was sometimes referred to as an atheist by his enemies. Jefferson wrote his own version of the New Testament which removed all the miracles and ended with Jesus dying on the cross.

    I used to work a block away from the church in NYC that Washington attended when he was president. The church historian told me that Washington was considered quite annoying since he frequently either fell asleep or whittled during services. Apparently he only attended to placate his wife.

  2. This is just so unbelievably bizarre. For starters, the very image of Jesus holding the US constitution is in itself deeply disturbing.
    Oh yeah, and I love how they used a little white boy to represent the future generation of all colours and both sexes.
    Honestly, I don’t know what else to say. The whole thing looks to me like some sort of bad trip…or a nightmare.

  3. @Lazercat: I too was amused by the artists choice of who to represent the future.

    @Rob F: Thank you for the link! Hilarious. I’m glad people don’t take all this too seriously.

    I was thinking that I actually have no problem with this patriotic Christianity or whatever you want to call it. Religions naturally change over time. The are influenced by the tides of history, by circumstance, by non-religious aspects of one’s ethnicity. So a form of christianity that comes out of a certain race/class/ethnic identity and speaks directly to that isn’t inherently scary to me. This patriotic Christianity is actually full of campy hilarity, and as such is much more amusing than other religions that are a little more staid.

    I think adherents to this newish form of Christianity aren’t really a threat to others, even though their doctrine seems to de facto lean towards theocracy. I don’t think at any point enough Americans will adhere to their somewhat wacky and fully campy form of religion that we’re going to see a Christo-fascist dictatorship any time soon. Or ever.

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