Pro-Life Jack-o-Lanterns!!!!!!!!!!!

This is great DIY fun for the whole family both born and unborn.

Pro-Life Pumpkin

This is for serious peoples. If you don’t believe me, go to the American Life League website yourself and feast your eyes. You can download your own stencil!

Or not.

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. It could be as intricate as the design here or as simple as the word “Pro-Life.” Whatever your skill level, be creative and tell the world about the personhood of preborn babies!

Any occasion is the right occasion to be a scary pro-life activist. I’m glad they discovered the synergies they have with the overall spooky nature of Halloween, or “the eve of All Saints Day”, as ALL puts it.

h/t Evil Slutopia

Exciting UPDATE: Here’s my own, with a couple friends.

Fetus pumpkin


4 thoughts on “Pro-Life Jack-o-Lanterns!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. What a rad design. It makes me wonder why all babies aren’t born inside of pumpkins. Happy Halloween, Dr. Dith!

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