St. Bernard Parish Decides Against Referendum to Ban Multi-Family Dwellings

Hallelujah! Of course it was money that finally convinced the racist City Council in this Louisiana Parish and not a sense of justice, but whatever. The result is that St. Bernard Parish will not hold a referendum to try banning multi-family (read: affordable) dwellings. This ban would naturally have targeted, SURPRISE! blacks and poor people of whichever race.

From the Times-Picayune:

After pressure from federal housing officials and a pending lawsuit in federal court, the St. Bernard Parish Council on Tuesday officially rescinded an item on this month’s special election ballot that would have given voters the chance to permanently ban large apartment complexes in the parish.

The move came on advice from the parish’s lawyers, who last month told the council that they believed the potential apartment ban would jeopardize federal financing for recovery projects and hurt the parish’s appeals of its ongoing fair housing lawsuit.

There is a lot of backstory to this, which you can discover by reading my previous posts on this topic: I, II, III, IV, and V.

2 thoughts on “St. Bernard Parish Decides Against Referendum to Ban Multi-Family Dwellings

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