What Women Are Saying About the Stupak Amendment

Rep. Bart Stupak

Rep. Bart Stupak

Rep. Joe Pitts

Rep. Joe Pitts

[This space intentionally left blank.]

I sifted through blogs and media to find out what women bloggers and writers both obscure and well-known are saying about the Stupak-Pitts amendment.

I noticed one thing while researching. Overwhelming, white, straight women are writing about this issue. Queer women and women of color and QWOC are not as focused on this issue as white straight women are. Is abortion a white, straight issue?

Katha Pollitt at the Nation: Whose Team Is It, Anyway?

Laura Flanders at GritTV: Compromise on Women’s Backs Again

Kate Harding at Salon: Face it: The Democratic Party is not for women

Jessica Arons at Think Progress: The Stupak Amendment Is A Monumental Setback For Abortion Access

Jill Filipovic at Feministe: Stupak Amendment: A Coup for Republicans

Kjerstin Johnson at Bitch Magazine: Health Care Reform and the Stupak Amendment

Sarah Jaffe at Global Comment: Hey Stupak, women’s bodies are not bargaining chips

Natalia Anatova at her eponymous blog: Way to go, Democrats

Melissa McEwan at Shakesville: Our Mendacious President

and: Stupak Starts Making Threats

RobinNWLC at Feministing: Abortion and Health Care Reform: How The House Bill Forces Women to Accept Less Coverage Than They Already Have

Pilgrim Soul at the Pursuit of Harpyness: You Can Put Down Your Champagne Now

M. Leblanc at Bitch Ph.D: Life-saving, life-changing, affordable health care

Echidne at Echidne of the Snakes: Now In The Pulpit: E.J. Dionne

Sara E. Anderson at F-Words: Why not abortion insurance?

Amy Siskind at The Daily Beast: How Obama Sold Women Out

Latoya Peterson at Jezebel: Message to Obama: Abort the Stupak-Pitts Amendment

and: Wimpy Wimpy Wimpy: Democrats Are Dithering on Issue of Abortion

Kate Michelman and Frances Kissling at the New York Times: Trading Women’s Rights for Political Power

Dr. Susie Baldwin at RH Reality Check: Another Doctor Mad as Hell

Amie Newman at RH Reality Check: Dear Progressive Allies in Health Care Reform: Where Were You on the Stupak Amendment?

and: RNC Health Plan Covers Abortion and Other Facts & Lies Behind the Stupak Amendment

Actually, you can just go to RH Reality Check and do a search for “Stupak”.

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