The Hijabi Monologues

Sahar UllahInteresting event at the Kennedy Center in DC this Sunday: The Hijabi Monologues.

Using real stories from Muslim women, Sahar Ullah’s performance moves beyond the stereotypes regarding the head scarf (hijab) and creates a better understanding of Muslim-American women.

From the artist’s bio:

Sahar Ishtiaque Ullah is the writer, co-founder and sometimes director for the Hijabi Monologues project. Born and raised in South Florida, Sahar received her BA from the University of Miami, majoring in English, Religious Studies and Political Science and her MA in Middle Eastern Studies from the University of Chicago… For over ten years, she organized study circles for Muslim teenagers, women and children from whom she learned the priceless value of “I don’t know” and lived experiences. Her love for learning, simplicity and the sounds of eloquence is very much intertwined with her interest in the power of stories, spirituality and oral tradition.

h/t FatemahF


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