US Condemns Human Rights Council’s Findings

The United Nations Human Rights Council sent respected human rights experts to investigate the state of human rights vis-a-vis the Gaza conflict.

Surprise! They discovered Israeli war crimes and human rights abuses:

The Goldstone mission report — totaling 575 pages — contains detailed accounts of deadly Israeli attacks against schools, mosques, private homes, and businesses nowhere near legitimate military targets, which they accurately described as “a deliberately disproportionate attack designed to punish humiliate and terrorize a civilian population.”

This scary, scary statement of facts by a commission of respected officials Will. Not. Stand. in the United States, where our patriotism is predicated on the believe our ally Israel is incapable of making any false step. Outrage at a report, based on research (the nerve!), burned so hot in the hearts of the United States House of Representatives that they were compelled, nay, mandated by love of god and country, to “overwhelmingly approve” a resolution condemning it.

The resolution resolves that the report is “irredeemably biased” against Israel, an ironic charge given that Justice Goldstone, the report’s principal author and defender, is Jewish, a longtime supporter of Israel, chair of Friends of Hebrew University, president emeritus of the World ORT Jewish school system, and the father of an Israeli citizen.

The resolution also expresses outrage that the “culpability” of Iran and Syria weren’t condemned in this report on Gaza and Israel. Because, you know, Syria and Iran support Palestine, which is run by terrorists, thereby making them State Sponsors of Terrorism upon Israel. Personal vendetta anyone?

Because this resolution was “overwhelmingly” approved in a House that is dominated by Democrats, we are once again reminded to ask ourselves the question: “Exactly how different are Democrats and Republicans?”

Having 80% of the U.S. House of Representatives go on record attacking the integrity of one of the world’s most respected and principled defenders of human rights is indicative of just how far to the right the U.S. Congress has now become, even under Democratic leadership.

Sigh. Read the whole bullshit enchilada here.


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