Because… You Know, BlACk peoPLe

What’s not to hate about South Carolina’s black people? They’re poor, they’re unemployed, they’re really dragging the whole state down, and, you know, they’re black.

Shocking? No, just the reality that poor, pitiable South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham lives in.

In arguing why he was against health care reform, he recently stated: “I have 12 percent unemployment in South Carolina. My state’s on its knees. I have 31 percent African-American population in South Carolina.”

And everyone knows blacks don’t need health care! Or… something.

Here’s Rachel Maddow:

True colors: shown.

A state that is one third black is AWESOME and full of amazing potential. People of color know what they need from the South Carolina government. Maybe Senator Graham could listen to their voices and take their advice instead of cite them as a liability to his state’s standing.


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